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Nucleus Cyber Named a Most Trusted Microsoft Technology Partner by CIO Techie

by | Nov 26, 2019

Nucleus Cyber was shortlisted as a Most Trusted Microsoft Technology Partner in the November special edition of the magazine. As part of the recognition, CIO Techie published a profile of Nucleus Cyber and CEO Kurt Mueffelmann. Below is an excerpt of the article. You can read the full interview with Nucleus Cyber CEO Kurt Mueffelmann in CIO Techie.

How “Nucleus Cyber” Secures The World’s Most Sensitive Files by Putting “Data-Centric Security” at The Core of Modern Collaboration

Nucleus Cyber (the company), provides an intelligent, data-centric security solution for modern workplaces, leveraging existing infrastructure investments to identify and secure sensitive information. The company’s NC Protect™ platform dynamically adjusts file security based on real-time comparison of user context and file content to enforce data governance and security policies for secure collaboration. This minimizes data loss and misuse for a wide range of digital environments including SharePoint on-premises and hybrid deployments, Office 365, OneDrive, Teams, Yammer, Dropbox, and file shares.

Despite being less than a year old, Nucleus Cyber has garnered much attention with notable industry partnerships and awards. The company recently became a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to work together to defend customers against increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving threats. Joining the Association provides recognition of the expanded capabilities in Nucleus Cyber’s products that leverage key Microsoft security technologies to provide fine-grained, data-centric security for customer collaboration in Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. As a result, customers benefit from improved conditional access and file usage protection across all collaboration scenarios.

Another notable partnership is with Microsoft partner LiveTiles, whose Intelligent Workplace Solution’s security capabilities are powered by Nucleus Cyber’s technology to protect against insider threats including breaches, sensitive data misuse, and unauthorized file access.

The company’s NC Protect solution has also been recognized for excellence by the technology industry, most recently being named the winner of the “Access Management Solution of the Year” award from CyberSecurity Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global information security market today. NC Protect was also selected as both a finalist and Bronze winner in the Insider Threat Solution, Data-Centric Security and Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) categories by the CyberSecurity Excellence Awards – an independent organization that recognizes the companies, products, and individuals that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security.

A Data-centric Approach for Secure Collaboration

According to a Cybersecurity Insiders survey, 70 percent of organizations are more frequently seeing insider attacks—with 60 percent experiencing one or more within the last 12 months—and 68 percent feel the pinch of being “extremely to moderately” vulnerable to them. Not only are organizations seeing a dramatic increase of attacks from insiders, but 85 percent are finding it difficult to determine the actual damage being caused by each instance, especially in cloud environments.

Data-centric security tools like NC Protect control access and actions that can be taken based on the sensitivity of the content and user conditions at the time of access to proactively mitigate risks. NC enables enterprises to fully and more securely take advantage of the modern workplace.

With marquee enterprise customers around the global validating the business case for NC Protect, the company is looking to scale its customer base by rapidly expanding its distribution channel. The company sees strong growth and opportunity across three important tiers: Microsoft’s partner channel, co-sell opportunities within the Microsoft field, and technology alliances with other third-party collaboration products supporting Microsoft’s efforts towards Teams deployment, Azure uptake and overall expansion of the Office 365 offerings.

The company’s centralized, content and context-aware data security solution, NC Protect, ensures data compliance and security by continuously monitoring and auditing data and documents against regulatory and corporate policies to ensure protection against data breaches, unauthorized access, and misuse. NC Protect augments access controls using the unique identity a file builds over time from the moment it is first saved, with its content, name, and authorship and date stamps. Through its lifecycle, it gains additional transient context such as the file location or information repository and classification levels. Real-time access controls reflect the user’s current context, blending traditional user permissions with granular business information such as security level or project team. Additionally, NC Protect leverages transient context such as location, IP address, device, browser or time of day.

NC sees traction across a broad spectrum of industries as organizations recognize the need to protect their data from accidental or malicious exfiltration due to insider threats.

By dynamically focusing on the both the user and the data attributes as part of a single access and usage rights process, as opposed to separating the user attributes to first access to the application and then use the data properties alone to initiate the protection, NC Protect allows greater flexibility for applying the various protection technologies such as encryption or dynamic watermarks – the company’s ability to include the user name and time of access as the actual watermark inserted into the data.

Read the full interview with Nucleus Cyber CEO Kurt Mueffelmann in CIO Techie.

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