As governments move to “digital first”, the need to securely share sensitive or classified information and files electronically, with anyone, anywhere, is becoming increasingly important and complex.

Use Case:


A government department works with a variety of Industry partners. On occasion they need to share sensitive or PROTECTED information and have to use “Safe Hand” to move information between each other.

Kojensi allows government to:


Ensure those who do not have the correct security clearance do not see classified information


Work together on the same document, without sending multiple versions through email


Work with multiple partners outside of your organisation, all with different compliance requirements


Ensure compliance with mandated security controls


Share large files easily and quickly, in a secure environment


Some of the information government and their partners need to share and work on is classified ‘PROTECTED’. Many of the files being shared are large in size. Furthermore, some files may need to be restricted to a subset of Industry partners. Currently, a Department relies on secure USBs – literally running files from one building across town to the Industry partner’s office, or having partners come into the government department’s office to work together. The document lifecycle is hard to track and collating different versions of documents is problematic. The process is slower and less productive than it could be.


By implementing Kojensi SaaS, a government-accredited PROTECTED collaboration and file sharing cloud service, Government and industry partners consume the platform as they need, and share any files up to 3GB in size and collaborate in real time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Within minutes, Departments can set up a shared workspace and invite all their Industry partners to share and collaborate on the information required to carry out key projects, knowing that each partner will only have access to information they are authorised to.


Securely share and co-author large files between Government and Industry partners

Information stays within a secure government-accredited PROTECTED collaboration and file sharing cloud service. Users can edit the files directly within each workspace to ensure the security, integrity and availability of the content. Users can upload multiple files at once or large files, and notify relevant parties that the information is now ready and available to access.

Empower users to share classified information simply and easily

Unlike other information and file sharing platforms, the Kojensi cloud service gives the power of sharing to your information custodians, not your ICT staff.

Users are empowered to set the terms and conditions on how and to whom information is shared, by attributes including organisation, classification and nationality, ensuring only the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

Users can then create a Community of Interest in seconds and invite new partners to join within minutes, knowing they’ll only have access to files that they are entitled to.

Kojensi Security and Sharing Settings

Comment on, discuss and track changes

Files can be commented on, discussions can be had within the workspace, and with Kojensi’s integrated Content and Records Management platform, all file changes are fully version controlled and tracked.

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Kojensi provides a faster, more efficient process for securely sharing and collaborating on sensitive or Protected Information. A full audit trail of the collaboration and decision-making process ensures the decisions and their related information can be readily identified, reported on.

archTIS Named 2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards Cyber Business of the Year

Kojensi’s multi-level security model means government can share information securely, with only those who need-to-know.

Available in a public or private cloud, on-premise or in a field-deployable appliance.