Dynamic Data Discovery, Compliance and Protection Software for Secure Collaboration

Dynamic Data Protection for Microsoft 365, SharePoint Server and File Sharing Applications

archTIS Recognized as a Microsoft Security Excellence Awards Finalist for Compliance & Privacy Trailblazer
NC Protect

Dynamic data-centric protection for Microsoft 365, SharePoint Server and File Shares

Real Time, Attribute-based Access Control & Data Protection

With most security technologies, even zero trust tools, once you’re past the perimeter and have access to an application and file, it’s yours to share, copy or download freely. Worse, security incidents caused by insiders are hard to detect – often taking months.

A reactive approach is no longer sufficient as security incidents due to simple user mistakes are becoming just as prevalent as those caused by external actors – and they are just as damaging to your bottom line.
It’s time for a proactive data-centric approach to access and security.

NC Protect delivers dynamic, policy-enforced attribute-based access control (ABAC) and data protection that adjusts with your users’ context to protect sensitive information against accidental and malicious data loss and misuse. It ensures only the right peopleaccess the right informationat the right time – enforcing zero trust principles at the data layer.


It discovers, classifies and secures unstructured data, including files, messages and chat content. Access and security are dynamically adjusted based on real-time comparison of user context and file content to ensure users access, use and share files according to your business regulations and policies.

NC Protect integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft 365 applications, including SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Office and Exchange, and on-premises applications, including SharePoint Server and Windows File Shares. It also supports other cloud storage tools, including Nutanix Files and NetApp ONTAP.

archTIS Recognized as a Microsoft Security Excellence Awards Finalist for Compliance & Privacy Trailblazer
Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2022 Gold
CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards NC Protect 2022 Policy Management Solution of the Year

data discovery, protection & compliance

Find, Classify and Secure unstructured data in on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Discover, Classify, and Track Sensitive Information

Locate and classify all sensitive and confidential data using one set of rules for one to multiple on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.  Audit access to sensitive data for compliance.

 Proactively Prevent data loss, misuse, and human error

Get dynamic security that adjusts access, usage and sharing rights for files, chats and messages based on real-time user context and file content comparisons to enforce regulations and policies. 

Empower users to work anywhere securely

Automatically adjust access rights and data protection in real-time based on the sensitivity of the data and the user’s location and other attributes. 

Dynamic Data-centric Security for Secure Collaboration

NC Protect dynamically adjusts access and security based on a real-time comparison of user and file context to ensure that internal users and guests view, use, and share files, messages and chat content according to your organization’s regulations and policies. The platform empowers enterprises to automatically find, classify and secure unstructured data on-premises, in the cloud and hybrid environments.

Real-time access and data protection policies evaluate the user’s current context, blending traditional user permissions with granular user attributes such as security level, clearance or project team and content attributes such as the document’s classification, MPIP sensitivity label, etc.

NC Protect can also leverage additional attributes such as IP address, device, browser, time of day, etc., to approve access, restrict usage and sharing, or deny access based on the scenario.

It takes your data access and security policies and enforces them for every user and device every time access is requested, completely transparent to the end user. NC Protect allows you to take advantage of all the productivity and collaboration capabilities the Microsoft suite offers with zero trust ABAC-powered data security.

Real Time, Attribute-based Access Control & Data Protection

NC Protect

Key Capabilities


Automatically discover and classify sensitive content based on the sensitivity level of its contents


Adjust protection based on file and user attributes to control who can access information, and if and how it can be copied or shared


Automatically adjust access and protection policies as files move between people and locations


Enforce secure read-only viewing of sensitive information with a built-in Secure Reader


Encrypt individual files only when the situation requires


Redact sensitive or confidential information, such as keywords or phrases


Obfuscate/Hide files from unauthorized users


Dynamically restrict ribbon rules by user and/or file context in all Microsoft Office apps


Add a security watermark to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents


File integrity checks prevent users from overwriting valid files with corrupted files and protect digital assets from being maliciously encrypted.

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