Dynamic Data Discovery, Compliance and Protection Software for Secure Collaboration

Advanced Information Protection for Microsoft 365 and File Sharing Applications

NC Protect

Dynamic access and data protection for Microsoft 365 Apps, Nutanix Files and Dropbox

Real Time, Attribute-based Access & Sharing Control

NC Protect provides advanced data-centric security for collaboration applications including Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online and on-premises, OneDrive, Teams, Yammer and Exchange emails, as well as Nutanix Files, Dropbox and Windows File Shares.

It discovers, classifies and secures unstructured data including files, messages and chat content. Access and security are dynamically adjusted based on real-time comparison of user context and file content to make sure that users access, use and share files according to your business regulations and policies.

data discovery, protection & compliance

NC Protect is both content and context aware to automatically find, classify and secure unstructured data on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid environments.

Discover, Classify, and Track Sensitive Information

Locate and classify all sensitive and confidential data (PII, IP, HR / Board docs, contracts, etc.) using one set of rules for one to multiple on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments. Encrypt or quarantine docs when required. Audit access to sensitive data for compliance.

 Proactively Prevent data loss, misuse, and human error

Get dynamic security that adjusts access, usage and sharing rights for files, chats and messages based on real-time comparison of user context and file content to enforce regulations and policies. Take advantage of advanced features including a secure viewer and dynamic security watermarks.

Empower users to work anywhere securely

Your users can work from anywhere, anytime. Automatically adjust access rights and data protection in real-time based on the sensitivity of the data and the user’s location and other attributes. For example, is the user on the corporate network or in a public location? With whom and what is being shared? NC Protect changes permissions accordingly on the fly. 

Dynamic, Granular Information Protection Without the Complexity

NC Protect augments authentication using the unique identity a file builds over time. It starts the moment a file is first saved, with its content, name, authorship and date stamps. Throughout its life cycle it gains additional transient context such as the file location or information repository and classification levels.

Access and usage rights are applied by blending traditional user permissions with granular business information such as security level or project team. Additionally, NC Protect leverages attributes such as IP address, device, browser or time of day.

NC Protect takes your data security policies and enforces them completely and transparently for each and every user and device.


Classify content based on the sensitivity of its contents


Adjust protection based on file and user context – including email recipients


Apply business policies to files as they move between people and locations


Encrypt individual files only when the situation requires


Change file protection when the usage context changes


Limit details of files and properties so users can’t discover security policies


Add a custom watermark to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents

Secure ALL Your Collaboration With a Single Solution

M365 & SharePoint Online

Supports the Full M365 Suite: SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Office, Exchange

Microsoft Teams

Conditional Access and Protection for Teams Chat and Files

Microsoft Office logo

Microsoft Office 365

Encrypt and restrict access to Office 365 Files.

SharePoint Server On-Premises

SharePoint Server On-Premises

Discovery, Protection & Auditing for Cloud Collaboration

SharePoint Server On-Premises

Windows File Shares

Discovery, Protection & Auditing for File Shares

SharePoint Server On-Premises

Nutanix Files

Discovery, Protection & Auditing for Nutanix Files

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