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Dynamic Data-centric Security for Microsoft 365 apps: SharePoint Online, Office, OneDrive, Exchange and Teams

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Perimeter Security Alone Doesn’t Work Anymore

With modern collaboration apps, users can access data from an alarming variety of locations. Between Azure, Microsoft 365 and other cloud platforms, businesses are adopting new technologies faster than ever and data loss prevention methodology needs to keep up. The data protection policy must be firm enough to accommodate the adoption of new cloud services – and flexible enough to allow your users to work when, where and how they want.

Dynamic Data Security for Secure Collaboration in Microsoft 365 & sharepoint

NC Protect provides advanced data-centric security across Microsoft 365 applications including SharePoint Online, Office, OneDrive, Exchange and Teams, plus SharePoint on-premises, Yammer and file shares, providing enhanced information protection for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. The platform empowers enterprises to automatically find, classify and secure sensitive data, and determine how it can be accessed, used and shared with granular control.

It works natively with Microsoft products and enhances security to restrict the use of native functionality, including elements of the SharePoint user interface, methods for viewing files, and encryption or restriction of attachments sent through Exchange Email. NC Protect requires no additional client-side application, reducing IT overhead and the risks involved in implementing new cloud services or BYOD policies.

NC Protect delivers advanced information protection that’s simple, fast and dynamic.

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Dynamic, Granular Information security for microsoft 365 apps Without the Complexity

Conditional Access & Security

NC Protect leverages dynamic access, usage denial rules and a secure viewer to ensure that only approved users can access and share your business content. Keep control of your sensitive information on-premises, in hybrid environments or in the cloud. Encrypt or quarantine content when required. Obfuscate data and ribbon actions. Apply protection rules centrally or locally, ensuring compliance, while enabling content experts to fine-tune rules. 

Discover & Classify Data

NC Protect scans and inspects files in on-premises and cloud collaboration apps for sensitive or regulated data according to defined policies, then automatically classifies it and applies information protection based on it’s sensitivity and your policies. It can also leverage Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels in combination with other file and user attributes to control access to and apply information protection. 

get Unique data protection capabilities

NC Protect works natively with Microsoft collaboration and security products to augment native features to enforce secure read-only access, hide sensitive files from unauthorized users, redact sensitive or classified information, trim the application ribbon, apply dynamic security watermarks, and encrypt or restrict attachments sent through Exchange Email.

Supports cloud, on-Premises and hybrid environments

NC Protect provides advanced data-centric security for Microsoft 365 applications, including SharePoint Online, Office, OneDrive, Exchange and Teams providing enhanced information protection for cloud and hybrid environments.

Reduces Complexity for Faster Results

Get granular security without the complexity of native Microsoft tools to start securing content in hours, not days or weeks. NC Protect requires no additional client-side application simplifying deployment. Centrally manage information security using a single rule set to efficiently and dynamically control access to content and how authorized users can share it and with whom, across your suite of Microsoft 365 apps. 

Audit sensitive data access

Audit & Report

A dynamic Results Viewer provides centralized reporting and management of classified data. Report on the number of issues identified by classification level and allows policy officers to review the results and rescan, reclassify or reapply permissions if needed. Integrate user activity and protection logs with SIEM tools like Splunk or Microsoft Sentinel for further analysis and downstream actions.

Real-Time, Contextual Access Control that Enhances Security Across Microsoft 365 Applications

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Exchange

NC Protect augments native app security in Microsoft 365 applications including SharePoint, Office, OneDrive, Exchange and Teams, plus on-premises SharePoint, Yammer and file shares, using the unique identity data builds over time.

Using metadata, Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels and attributes such as chat content, file name, authorship and date stamps, as well as more transient context like IP location, device or time of day, NC Protect applies conditional access and usage rights to support all business rules to enable every collaboration scenario.

NC Protect takes your data security policies and enforces them for each and every user and device, completely transparent to the end user.



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