NC Protect for Nutanix Files

Dynamic Data Discovery, Classification & Security

Securing Data in Nutanix Files

Organizations rely on file storage platforms like Nutanix Files to store and collaborate on unstructured content. As the amount of data grows, so does the risk to your business. 39% of companies have identified cloud storage and file sharing apps as the most vulnerable to insider attacks (2019 Insider Threat Report). This presents a major challenge for IT and IS teams looking to ensure the security of information stored in Nutanix Files.

Nucleus Cyber provides Nutanix Files users with intelligent data-centric security for secure collaboration without the complexity. The NC Protect solution dynamically controls access to business-critical content and restricts how authorized users can share it and with whom, based on real-time comparison of user context and file content to enforce data governance and security policies. NC Protect provides unmatched information protection capabilities to prevent accidental sharing, data misuse and loss, while maintaining a simple and intuitive user experience that empowers customers to start securing information in hours, not days or weeks.

Dynamic Data Discovery, Classification & Security for Nutanix Files

DisCover & Classify data

NC Protect’s policy manager features hundreds of pre-defined checkpoints for US and international privacy policies (Privacy Acts, GLBA, COPPA), and other regulatory mandates including HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DSS and more. Easily define and configure custom checkpoints to match your organization’s unique privacy, confidentiality and security policies.

Control Access To & Sharing of Files

NC Protect leverages dynamic access, usage denial rules and a secure viewer to ensure that only approved users can access and share your business content based on the file’s classification and the user’s content including location, device and security clearance. It tracks and reports on access to sensitive data to ensure transparency and accountability.

Reduces Complexity for Faster Results

NC Protect’s intuitive user experience empowers users to start securing information in hours, not days or weeks. It is Nutanix Ready – AHV and requires no additional client-side application simplifying deployment and reducing the time that your content is at risk.

NC Protect Dynamically Secures Nutanix Files Content at the Document Level

Stop relying on complex folder hierarchies to control file access. NC Protect uses metadata-driven, item level security to restrict access to, encrypt, track and prevent unauthorized sharing of content based upon the presence of sensitive and/or non-compliant information, offering content-aware data loss protection (DLP) capabilities for Nutanix Files.

Classify Data

With NC Protect users can easily configure secure metadata and define choice values to suit any business requirement. Authorized users can classify documents according to their content, unlike standard metadata that can be modified by anyone that is allowed access. Users can define the level of sensitivity of the document, e.g. confidential, private or secret, then depending on their selection additional levels of classification can be added as required, including selecting the audience, department or project.

Restrict Access

Based upon the business rules associated with its classification, access to a document or content item within Nutanix Files can be restricted to a specific individual or group, even if a wider audience has access to the site or library where the item physically resides. With file level permissions, administrators can reduce the number of folder locations that get created (folder location proliferation) just to cope with another set of collaborative users. Managing file permissions with NC Protect is easy since they are based on the metadata values added at the time of classification.

Encrypt At-Rest & In-Motion

Data loss prevention is a critical issue for many organizations. In addition to securing a document based on its classification (metadata), NC Protect can further secure Nutanix Files content by encrypting it. This means only properly credentialed users will be able to read the content – whether inside or outside of Nutanix Files – even if they have administrator privileges, making it safe to store confidential documents such as Board and HR documents. It also ensures any documents that make it out of the file system can only be accessed by the credentialed users.

Prevent Sharing

To further extend the tracking process you can also define rules in NC Protect to prevent the distribution of sensitive information or confidential documents or or educate users of the risk. For example, if a document is going to be emailed to a group and a listed recipient does not have proper access to that category of document, then the email cannot be sent until the individual is removed from the distribution list. Users can also be prevented from printing, saving or copying the contents of Microsoft Office documents outside of Nutanix Files.



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