secure information sharing for Multinational coalition operations

Multinational coalition partners need a secure way to share and collaborate on highly classified information. Kojensi provides a solution.

Use Case:

secure Information Sharing for multinational coalition operations

Multinational coalition partners, including traditional and non-traditional allies, need to share and work together on highly classified information, at different security classifications.

Kojensi allows Multinational Coalition Operations to:


Work with traditional/non traditional allies, all with different security classifications, adding new country partners at any time


Ensure only those who are authorised can view and handle highly classified information


Collaborate real-time on the same document, without having to send multiple versions through email


Ensure compliance with each country’s mandated security controls


Share large files easily and quickly, in a highly secure environment


Control at a granular level, which partners want to collaborate together


In an ever changing political environment where multinational coalition forces are working with traditional and non-traditional allies, most information sharing platforms are too rigid and slow to deliver the sharing capabilities required. Information must be shared quickly at different security classification levels, but each coalition partner has different security classifications and clearance levels. As such, each partner needs a way to control access to information, while ensuring only authorised partners and personnel can view their documents and files.


By implementing Kojensi Enterprise multinational coalition partners can quickly set up shared Communities of Interests (CoI), with the ability to host, and control access to information of varying security levels (TOP SECRET and below). By taking a data-centric security approach, the files attributes including security classification, organisation and country releasability to determine who is able access, edit and download giving the information owner complete control over their information. This means individual countries can work and create files and then decide when to share that information with other Allies, even within a CoI.

Kojensi’s advanced global security classification equivalency model allows each country to determine the security classification equivalency with their coalition partners, allowing them to share information even with non-traditional allies. Collaboration between different allies is set up by a two-party invitation and acceptance model that allows each country to establish and set the agreements on the policies and constraints of the collaboration.

Securely share and co-author large files between multinational coalition partners

When timely and accurate information is needed in the field, information owners can share, co-author and collaborate on large documents, presentations and spreadsheets in real time, making sure the latest information is ready and available to access.

An integrated content and records management system means you always have access to all versions of files, while ensuring compliance with privacy and compliance regulations including the DoD 5015.2-STD v3 records management certification and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Empower users to share classified information simply and easily

While multiple organisations can share and collaborate, Kojensi Enterprise gives the power of sharing to your information custodians, not your ICT staff. User can create Community of Interest’s in seconds and invite new partners to join within minutes.

Users are empowered to set the terms and conditions on how and to whom information is shared, ensuring only the right people have access to the right information at the right time. These terms include which organisation, nationality and under what security classification other users can access and share information. The information owner can also determine whether the information is discoverable and downloadable outside of the platform.

Global Security Model support

Kojensi’s unique global security classification equivalency model allows multinational coalition partners to share and collaborate on information even with different security models. The capability provides security equivalences between the different security models, allowing them to share information even with non-traditional partners.

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Kojensi provides an accreditable secure information sharing and document collaboration platform designed for multinational coalition operations which ensures only authorised parties access and manage highly-classified material. Coalition partners can work together on classified information of varying levels, all within a secure and extensible platform. A full audit trail and version control and tracking ensures all parties work on the most up-to-date document, with all previous versions saved and easily accessible at any time. Coalition partners control how and to who information is shared, ensuring information stays safe.


archTIS Named 2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards Cyber Business of the Year

Kojensi enables Multinational Coalition Operations to share highly classified information with traditional and non-traditional allies

Available in a public or private cloud, on-premise or in a field-deployable appliance