Multi-Level Security Classified Information Sharing & Document Collaboration Platform

Sensitive and Classified Information Shared Securely

Kojensi is an accredited Multi-Level Security Classified Information Sharing & Document Collaboration Platform

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Sensitive and Classified Information Shared Securely

For Defence, Defence Industry and Intelligence who need the ability to share sensitive and classified information internally and with partners and clients, Kojensi is a proven and accredited multi-level security (MLS) classified information sharing and document collaboration platform. It enables productivity while managing the compliance and security of sensitive information. Unlike spending millions to build and manage your own information sharing system, Kojensi enables secure, compartmentalized collaboration out of the box for less time and money.

 Intuitive compartmentalized collaboration delivers sensitive information, quickly & Securely

Kojensi is a highly secure, multi-level security platform for the secure sharing and collaboration of sensitive and classified files. By taking a data-centric, zero trust security approach, a file’s attributes such as security classification, organisation and country releasability, determine who is able access, edit and download the file. Users of Kojensi can create, share files and co-author documents in real-time, all in a secure and intuitive platform that ensure sensitive information remains need to know only.

    Key Capabilities

    Control how your information is accessed and used

    • Use security controls, native to your country, to decide who accesses your information including by security level, organisation and country
    • Distributed administration means you have complete control over your information, with no super users
    • Control whether documents are private or discoverable in search, or whether viewers can see, edit or download your information

    Securely share large files, quickly and easily

    • Use workspaces to quickly and easily share any file type of up to 10GB with your colleagues and partners
    • Share files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images, CAD drawings and videos
    • Control whether files can be downloaded or viewed only inside of Kojensi

    Individually edit documents or co-author in real-time

    • Create, edit and co-author documents, spreadsheets, presentations, inside of Kojensi, tracking your changes as you go
    • Start a co-authoring session to co-author and work on documents with multiple people in real-time. Leave comments or chat in real-time while you work.

    Secure Document Viewer

    • An in-app Secure Document Viewer enforces read-only viewing of sensitive information for multiple file formats.
    • Add a custom digital security watermark containing any user or file attributes to viewed documents for security and auditing purposes.

    Increase productivity with collaboration tools

    • Stay up to date on work and projects with document version control and tasking and notifications
    • Leave comments on documents and files to inform colleagues and partners of suggested changes
    • Work together in real-time with secure co-authoring sessions and in-file chat

    Ensure compliance with security regulations

    • Handle and manage information up to PROTECTED, in an ASD-certified PROTECTED cloud, or TOP SECRET, in a private cloud or on premise or deployed
    • Kojensi assists you in complying with local and international regulations for compliance driven sectors such as Defence and Government (DISP, PSPF, ISM and GDPR)

    One platform, three applications

    Kojensi Cloud Service

    Hosted in a PROTECTED cloud, the accredited Kojensi Cloud Service enables private and public sector organisations to share and collaborate on files in a secure space.

    Kojensi Enterprise

    Hosted on-premise or in a private cloud Kojensi Enterprise allows for multi-level, multi-coalition and multi-domain collaboration on information classified up to TOP SECRET.

    Kojensi Field

    Capable of being deployed on ruggardised equipment, Kojensi Field allows military, government, aid and emergency service workers to collaborate in the field.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Kojensi differ to other services?

    Security controls ensure the end user is the custodian of their own data

    Kojensi enables users to set rules for access to files and documents, including the security classification, organisation name, and country. Users can only see or access a document or file if they meet those rules set for the document. Users can also set the level of read/write access others can have on workspaces and documents.

    Secure co-authoring of sensitive/classified documents

    Kojensi allows users to co-author sensitive and classified files, including documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Organisations can use Kojensi to share and co-author documents up to PROTECTED in an accredited cloud-based application, or higher-level documents in an on-premise or private cloud solution.

    Distributed administration saves users time and reduces administrative overheads

    There are no super users inside of Kojensi, users have complete control and visibility over the documents and files they contribute. Each user is able to set up secure Workspaces and decide the security controls and levels applied to both Workspaces and individual documents. This saves users time empowering them to get started and work straight away.

    Is Kojensi only limited to Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations?

    There are no limits to the type of file users can share using Kojensi. This means that any file can be shared securely, for example:

    • Videos & Images;
    • CAD drawings; and/or
    • PDFs

    Online co-authoring is supported for multiple people working on documents, spreadsheets and presentations together.

    Who can use Kojensi?

    Kojensi can be used by individuals from any organisation, making it perfect for use within and between Government, Defence, Industry, Universities etc. Kojensi provides all users with a secure place to collaborate.

    What makes Kojensi more secure than other platforms?

    Kojensi uses a security methodology called Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), which enables users to have a greater level of control over how their information is shared and accessed. Attributes (such as the security classification, organisation name, and country) can be added to documents and files, giving the owner of the information full control who accesses it.

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