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The archTIS Services team offers expertise in data analysis, data pipelines, and data discovery, as well as product implementation.

Product & Data Services

archTIS has a long history of designing and delivering information management and security solutions within the highest security areas of government.

Let our team assist you with all of your data needs.

Data is ubiquitous. It is constantly being generated by every click of a mouse and stroke of a keyboard. Collecting and storing data can be both costly and challenging. However, all that data is virtually useless by itself. Data must be analysed and interpreted in order to derive meaning from it.

Data can be useful when combined and aggregated into an information layer. However, information alone is not much more valuable than data. While it may provide patterns from the past to predict the future, it is equally expensive to curate and store. 

Only those with the technical ability to sift through the vast amounts of information generated by mountains of data can make use of it.

Information must be folded, shaped, and interpreted into Business Intelligence and presented visually to help an enterprise navigate the decision process.

The archTIS Services team offers expertise in data analysis, data pipelines, and data discovery, offering comprehensive services across the Data, Information, and Business Intelligence planes.

Source Data Analysis and Discovery

Our Business Analysts are experts at surfacing data requirements from source systems based on consultation with the business’s BI end-user consumers. They also have experience constructing and implementing Governance data frameworks for our clients.

Data Pipelines

Our Data Engineering team is highly proficient in standard languages, storage technologies, and patterns across the ETL/ELT sphere. We’ve implemented COTS products and bespoke solutions in both Cloud and On-Premises environments. We focus on determining the appropriate ingestion/consumption pattern for your data requirements.

Data Discovery

Our Data Science teams specialize in uncovering insights from your data using Python, R, Java, Scala, AI and Machine Learning Operations.

Product Implementation

Let our team help you implement our Kojensi and NC Protect solutions so you can start securing your collaboration faster.

Let us help you get the Most from Your Data.

Let our Services team help you get actionable insights from your data and speed up your decision-making processes.