Secure file Sharing and Collaboration for the Australian Defence Industry

Defense suppliers looking to do business the Australian Department of Defence must demonstrate compliance with DISP, PSPF, ISM and other information security controls. Kojensi provides a cost-effective, out of the box solution to meet these requirements.

Use Case:

Trusted Information Sharing between Australian Defence and the global Defence Supply Chain

Defence need to protect national interests. However, with multiple supply chain partners in different locations, sensitive and classified information is increasingly at risk of a breach. Defence Industry organisations, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs), often find it difficult to meet the strict security and compliance required of them by Defence. With limited resources they struggle to find ways to keep information safe, while meeting deadlines. Worse, if they can’t demonstrate compliance they won’t be able to compete for Defence business.

Kojensi is an Australian sovereign accredited Protected SaaS platform that enables small and large Defence Industry companies, Defence, Government and other partners to securely share and collaborate on classified information, all within a secure, controlled information environment. It is also available as an accreditable on-premises platform.


Kojensi allows the Australian Defence Industry to:


Instantly establish secure workspaces to collaborate across organisations, while ensuring only cleared users see sensitive information


Control access and sharing with granular, zero trust ABAC policies including security classification, country and organisational releasability


Work with multiple people outside of the organisation, all with different compliance requirements


Assists with meeting Australian Defence requirements (ISM, DISP, PSPF),  US requirements (ITAR, CMMC, NIST), and others.


Securely share files with different export controls internally, with partners and with Defence – all within a single repository that enforces appropriate information barriers


Collaborate real-time on the same document, without having to send multiple versions through email


Share large files easily and quickly, in a highly secure environment


If you are working with Australian Defence you may need to be Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) accredited. If the project deals with any of the elements below then it is compulsory to be enrolled in the DISP program and meet accreditation requirements:

  • Work on classified information or assets.
  • Store or transport weapons or explosive ordinance.
  • Provide security services for Defence bases and facilities;
  • If there is a Defence business requirement for DISP membership in the contract.

However, the level of compartmentalised access and sharing controls required by DISP for the management of sensitive/classified information can be costly and difficult to achieve.


Governance is critical to DISP accreditation, however, enforcing these guidelines is another matter. Kojensi provides a turnkey solution. It is an accredited PROTECTED SaaS platform for secure file sharing and collaboration and is also available as an on-premises solution. Built into the core of Kojensi is an attribute-based access control (ABAC) policy engine that applies your information security and governance requirements to all users and files in Kojensi. Enforcing compliance and transparency in this way assists with reporting elements required for DISP.

With Kojensi SaaS customers consume the platform as they need, without the substantial costs of implementing on-premises secured ICT infrastructure. Within minutes, users can set up a shared Kojensi workspace and invite internal personnel and external partners to share and collaborate on the information required to carry out projects. Kojensi’s ABAC policies ensure users will only have access to information they are authorised to.

Securely share and collaborate on sensitive files

Kojensi features a secure collaboration suite that allows users to create, co-edit and comment on documents simultaneously with others. Users can edit files directly within each workspace to ensure the security, integrity and availability of the content. Additionally, users can upload other types of files and notify relevant parties that the information is available to securely access. All information stays within Kojensi’s secure government-accredited PROTECTED cloud service.

Empower users to apply security and sharing policies simply and easily

Kojensi enables information owners to set and enforce strict control over information access and sharing, using ABAC. Access is only granted once a user meets the requirements to release a file to them based on based on key attributes including a user’s organisation, nationality, clearance, and compartmentalisation of information.

With Kojensi, Defence and industry can collaborate with each other to securely share files with different classifications and security clearances within a single repository for ease of management using robust ABAC policies. This assists in meeting the compliance and security requirements of the DISP program.

Kojensi Audit Log

Audit User Activity

Kojensi logs all activity in the platform to ensure compliance and assist with auditing requirements. Audit logs include a full user interaction history of all changes made to files, workspaces and other administrative tasks. Searches can be saved for future use and results can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Experience Kojensi


Defence Industry information is shared within the secure Kojensi ecosystem, ensuring it does not fall into the wrong hands. Defence Industry organisations, in particular SMEs, now have an cost-effective accredited PROTECTED means of ensuring the security of classified and sensitive information to meet DISP and other compliance requirements. They can also share and collaborate on documents in real-time to improve productivity, shorten delivery time and improve project outputs.

archTIS Named 2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards Cyber Business of the Year

securely collaborate with Defence and partners using Kojensi

Available in a public or private cloud and on-premise.