Discover & Classify Data

Data Discovery and Classification for Office 365 apps, SharePoint on-premises, Windows File Shares and Nutanix Files

Don’t Let Dark Data Put You at Risk

The explosion of collaboration tools has been a boom for productivity and information sharing. Today more information is being created than ever before. The problem is that much of the information is Dark Data – organizations lack the detailed file analysis and data insight to ensure the correct security and governance is being applied. The risks are magnified when sensitive data including intellectual property, customer or employee personal data, or financial information are not properly managed. The ability to discover and classify data is essential to your data security best practices.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Do you know where the unstructured content in your organization is being created, shared and stored?
  • Are you sure that your sensitive data is adequately protected and only available to the appropriate individuals?

Data Discovery and Classification that’s
Simple, Fast & Scaleable

Get simple, fast and scalable advanced data classification and protection capabilities to prevent data breaches, unauthorized file access and accidental sharing across all of your data collaboration tools.

NC Protect finds your organization’s sensitive data, classifies and secures it with dynamic conditional security across your collaboration tools in on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments. Get dynamic granular access control and data protection, including encryption and user rights management, to mitigate risk and ensure secure collaboration of all business-critical data. 

With NC Protect:

  • Identify where all your sensitive data currently exists within the various data repositories and tools used to store it – on-premises, cloud or hybrid.
  • Scan content at rest and in motion in the Microsoft 365 suite, SharePoint On-premises, Windows files shares, Dropbox, Nutanix Files and Exchange email.
  • Classify documents automatically based on the presence of sensitive data.
  • Over 200 ready to go classification policies identify and tag sensitive data including personally identifiable information (PII), cardholder data, protected healthcare data (PHI), IP or corporate confidential information.
  • Supports custom rules that may include your taxonomy, keyword and pattern matching.
  • Dynamically apply data protection and encryption that is driven by the content sensitivity.
  • Track access to sensitive data as well as what actions that have been taken with it to provide a full audit trail that can be analyzed in Microsoft Sentinel or Splunk.

Discover, ClassifY & Protect data USING a Single Solution

Audit sensitive data access

Discover Sensitive Data

NC Protect scans your document management and collaboration systems including the Microsoft 365 suite, SharePoint online, Windows files shares, Dropbox, Nutanix Files and Exchange email to provide you with insight into where and how sensitive your data is. Monitoring the systems in real-time, or running on a scheduled basis, every new file that is added, or changed, is identified and actioned according to policies defined in NC Protect.

Add Dynamic Data Protection

Once classified, NC Protect can dynamically apply security controls to the files using granular attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies – at-rest or in-motion. Automatically adjust permissions to restrict access and stop oversharing. Hide files from unauthorized individuals. Restrict actions with with secure read-only access. Adjust file security and access based on user location or device, and more to limit access and prevent negligence, misuse or theft of data.

discover and classify data

Classify Data Automatically

Once discovered, NC Protect can apply secure metadata to each file based on the sensitivity of the file content. Each file is assigned a specific classification label, which reflects the sensitivity of its content. NC Protect can classify new documents automatically and re-classify existing ones if they are changed in real-time. NC Protect ships with over 200 ready-to-go classification policies.

Audit & Track Access to Sensitive Data

Audit & Report on Data

With comprehensive reporting and analytic tools, determine where your data is, how sensitive it is, and who is using it. Is your data in the right place, is it overshared, is it shared with the wrong individuals? NC Protect provides these answers with comprehensive reporting and drill down capabilities. Ingest user activity and logs collected in NC Protect into Microsoft Sentinel or Splunk for further analysis and upstream actions.

Supports all of your collaboration platforms

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SharePoint Server On-Premises

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