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Fine-grain attribute-based access control and data security for Microsoft 365, GCC High and SharePoint Server to meet Government, Defense and Defense Industry needs
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enhance ACCESS CONTROL & Data SEcurity in Microsoft 365, GCC HIGH & Sharepoint server

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archTIS Named 2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards Cyber Business of the Year
archTIS Recognized as a Microsoft Security Excellence Awards Finalist for Compliance & Privacy Trailblazer
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get data-centric zero trust access and information protection powered by ABAC

Empower your organization to take advantage of all the productivity and collaboration the Microsoft 365 and GCC High suite offer while meeting global information security and export controls regulations. archTIS’ zero trust attribute-based access control (ABAC) powered information security solutions for the public sector enhance native security capabilities to empower secure collaboration within your agency with other agencies, defense, multinational coalitions and supply chain partners.

NC Protect from archTIS leverages Microsoft security investments to protect sensitive and classified information against data loss and insider threats.  archTIS provides policy-based data-centric information security that is simple, fast and dynamic across Microsoft 365 and GCC High applications, including SharePoint Online, Exchange, Office, OneDrive, and SharePoint on-premises and Windows File Share environments.

NC Protect is trusted by Government, Defense and the Defense Supply Chain to:


Secure Interagency and Multinational collaboration in the Microsoft suite with fine-grain access and protection based on file and user attributes attribute (e.g., security classification, clearance level, department, nationality).


Enforce secure read-only viewing of sensitive/classified information


Dynamically apply user-specific security watermarks to track chain of custody.


Redact sensitive or confidential information (keywords or phrases) when viewed in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files or the built-in Secure Reader.  


Apply CUI visual markings, including headers, footer and Designation Indicator labels.


Scan and tag sensitive data such as controlled unclassified information (CUI), and leverage tags to apply dynamic access and security controls.


Dynamically enforce Information Barriers and restrict guest access to country-specific sensitive information (e.g. ITAR for Defence supply chain).

Ensure Secure and Consistent Security and Compliance – Anywhere


Easily support your access, security and privacy requirements for SharePoint Server and Windows file share content with granular, ABAC-enabled access and data protection policies to ensure only the right users have access to the right information at the right time.



For agencies transitioning to the cloud or planning to support a long-term hybrid strategy, archTIS simplifies security and compliance with centralized policy management and tagging to ensure consistent protection across your collaboration tools no matter where they live – Cloud, hybrid or on-premises.


Manage access to and protect M365, GCC and GCC High application data with granular ABAC policies to ensure secure collaboration of files, chats and messages. archTIS solutions enforce compliance with federal, state, or international regulations, including ITAR, CMMC, NIST and more.

Get Unique Capabilities for
Fine-Grain Security and Access Control 

NC Protect provides secure, zero trust access to and collaboration of sensitive information using fine-grain attribute-based policies for Microsoft 365 applications, GCC High, SharePoint on-premises and Windows File Shares.

  • Scan and tag data or leverage Microsoft Purview (MPIP) sensitivity labels or other classifications (Jannuseal, Titus)  in combination with other file and user attributes to dynamically adjust access and data protection.
  • Control what users can see, how they can use and share information and with whom at the file, message and chat level using fine-grain Attribute-Based Access and Sharing Control (ABAC) policies (e.g., security classification and nationality).
  • Get unique security capabilities to enforce secure read-only access, hide sensitive files from unauthorized users, and apply dynamic user-based watermarks.
  • Add CUI Banners/Footers and CUI Designation Indicator label including Owner Name, Controlled By, Category, Distribution/Limited Dissemination Control and POC into documents as a watermark for CMMC 2.0, DFARs and NIST compliance. 
  • Remove/redact sensitive or confidential information, such as keywords or phrases, in a document when viewed in its native application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF) or when the file is presented in the NC Protect secure reader for legal or security purposes.
  • Encrypt or restrict attachments sent through Exchange email.
  • Secure information exchange
  • Control guest access
  • Protect Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, OCR, CAD files, images, text files and more.
  • Integrate user activity and protection logs with Microsoft Sentinel for further analysis and downstream actions.
  • Seamless integration across Microsoft 365 apps, GCC, GCC High, SharePoint on-premises, NetApp ONTAP, Nutanix Files and Windows file shares.

Ensure Compliance with Global Information Security & Export Control Requirements

NC Protect’s data-centric zero-trust approach to secure file access and sharing is trusted by leading defence agencies and supply chain partners across the globe to safeguard sensitive data in accordance with government policies.

NC Protect’s fine-grain, ABAC policies can be easily tailored to help ensure compliance with domestic and international information security requirements, including but not limited to:




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NC Protect provides Government & Defense Industry with secure zero trust collaboration and sharing

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