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archTIS ticks off commercial launch of first Kojensi product

archTIS is pleased to announce it has launched Kojensi Gov for commercial sale, the first from a suite of products designed to empower people to…

Trusted information sharing, a growing problem

One of the biggest issues facing government and industry in a digital age is how to securely share sensitive and valuable information. While securely sharing information comes with benefits for productivity and service outcomes, it does come with risks. Foreign actors and cyber criminals are targeting this information, which can threaten national security and lead to financial and reputational harm. In an attempt to address this threat, many organisations add layers of security that often slows productivity and increases complexity.

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We start with security

archTIS has spent over 12 years producing solutions for securely sharing high level, classified information. What makes us unique is that we start with security. Our solutions use a model known as Attribute Based Access Control, which allows individuals to control who accesses information and under what conditions. Knowing that the right information is accessible to the right people, at the right time enables organisations to feel confident in sharing information, leading to increased productivity and service outputs.

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Why archTIS?

Our award winning solutions are trusted in the highest levels of government, for some of the toughest information sharing challenges in Australia and abroad.

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archTIS provides a variety of products designed to help organisations share and collaborate, in a safe and secure environment.


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