Secure Email

Email Data Loss Prevention and Encryption

Email, a Security Threat Hiding in Plain Sight

Email is an essential business tool for communication and collaboration. It is also one of the most common vectors for information leakage in your organization.

The key is to balance the collaboration benefits with the right security tools to ensure that information is not accidentally shared or deliberately removed via internal threat vectors. Failure to do so risks data loss from both accidental and malicious actions which could result in legal or regulatory issues, financial loss and reputation damage or losing your competitive edge as your intellectual property walks out the door. Email data loss prevention and encryption is essential to protect your bottom line.

Protecting Email with NC Protect

NC Protect safeguards your sensitive data and IP from accidental data loss and malicious users, with these email data loss prevention capabilities to dynamically:


  • Encrypt sensitive email attachments
  • Block email attachments that contain sensitive data
  • Replace attachments with a link to a secure web viewer or file URL that requires additional authentication and verification.
  • Apply personalized watermarks that containing information about the user to deter photographing and leave a digital thumbprint in case of theft.
  • Stop admins from viewing documents sitting in the sent folders of other users.

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