Secure file sharing and collaboration platform for US Defense Suppliers

Defense Industry suppliers looking to do business US Department of Defense must demonstrate compliance with export controls including ITAR security controls. Kojensi provides a cost-effective, out of the box solution to meet ITAR information security requirements.

Use Case:

Secure & CompLiant Information Sharing between US Defense & Industry

The US Department of Defense (DoD) must protect national interests. However, with multiple supply chain partners in different locations, sensitive and classified information is increasingly at risk of breach or theft. Companies that work with the US DoD need to meet stringent security requirements to bid on contracts.

Any Defense supplier or organization dealing with Export Controlled materials must also comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) information handling regulations.

Defense supply chain organizations, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), often find it difficult to meet the strict security and compliance required of them by the US DoD. If they can’t demonstrate compliance with the various regulations they are unable to compete for DoD business. The Kojensi platform for secure document management and collaboration provides a cost-effective, out of the box solution for secure and compliant sharing and collaboration of ITAR regulated information.

Kojensi helps the US Defense Industrial Base:


Ensure information security requirements mandated by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) are enforced.


Securely share files with different export controls internally, with partners and with Defense – all within a single repository that enforces appropriate information barriers.


Assists with meeting Australian Defence compliance requirements such as ISM, DISP and PSPF.


Instantly establish secure workspaces to collaborate across organisations, while ensuring only cleared users see sensitive information


Work with multiple people outside of the organisation, with different compliance and security requirements


Enable compliance with mandated security controls, inc. clearance, organization, nationality


Collaborate real-time on the same document, without having to send multiple versions through email


US DoD needs to work with a number of major Defense Industry suppliers to build the next general Naval vessel. Although major Defense suppliers have strong and established secure platforms, small or new suppliers may have limited secure facilities and information sharing procedures.

Regardless, any supplier will need to comply with ITAR Export Controls. ITAR are the regulations that control the export and import of defence-related materials and services on the United States Munitions List (USML). 



By implementing Kojensi SaaS, a secure multi-level security cloud service, Defense Industry organizations consume the platform as they need, without the substantial costs of implementing new on-premises secured ICT infrastructure.

Within minutes, information custodians can set up secure workspaces and ITAR compartments to share and collaborate on export controlled information, knowing only authorized users will have access to the information with inbuilt ITAR compliant dissemination controls.

Securely share and collaborate on ITAR regulated documents

Information stays within a secure, multi-level security cloud service. Users can edit the files directly within each workspace to ensure the security, integrity and availability of the content. Users can upload multiple files at once and notify relevant parties that the information is now ready and available to access with the right controls in place.

Empower users to tag and set access controls on ITAR files simply and easily

Kojensi enables information owners to set and enforce strict control over information access and sharing, utilising the ABAC methodology, not your ICT staff.

Access is only granted once a user’s attributes along with the requested files attributes pass the required viewing policy rules – dynamically. Viewing access rules are based on owner-defined user and file attributes which can include organisation, nationality, briefed and clearance levels, as well other access control identifiers.

Users can create a Community of Interest (COI) in seconds and invite new partners to join within minutes, knowing they’ll only have access to files that they are entitled to.

Kojensi ITAR Compartment

Enforce ITAR Compliant Dissemination Controls

Kojensi has inbuilt ITAR controls to assist organizations with meeting their compliance obligations. With Kojensi, securely share any number of files that may have different export controls internally, with partners and with Defence – all within a single repository that enforces appropriate information barriers, only providing access to the right people. Kojensi visually alerts the users that they are working on export controlled materials to reduce human error. 

Co-author, comment on, discuss and track document changes

Kojensi has a secure collaboration suite built-into the platform that allows for the creation and co-editing of shared documents. Allowing users to co-edit documents in real-time and/or exchange interactive comments within the document that is being collaborated on.

Kojensi Collaboration Features

Experience Kojensi


Kojensi provides secure access to and collaboration of ITAR regulated material and enforces the strict controls required. Defense Industry organizations now have a cost-effective means to ensure the security of Export Controlled material handling meets compliance requirements. 

archTIS Named 2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards Cyber Business of the Year

Kojensi provides the Defense Industry with secure & compliant collaboration and information sharing

Available in a hosted public or private cloud and on-premises.