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archTIS Receives Ellect’s Silver Star of Gender of Equality Marking a Rare Achievement in the Cybersecurity Industry

by | Jul 25, 2023

archTIS is proud to announce we have been recognized by Ellect, a platform dedicated to empowering companies to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace, as the most inclusive information security company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). With women represented at every level of the leadership team, archTIS has earned a remarkable three-star rating in Ellect’s Gender Equality Rating, a rare achievement in the cybersecurity industry where only a quarter of the global workforce are women.

The Ellect Silver Star for Excellent Achievement of Gender Equality in Business acknowledges that archTIS actively supports gender equality in their board and senior leadership team. Ellect’s founder, Sandra D’Souza recently published a new bestselling book: “From Bias to Equality: How business leaders can drive innovation, success and profitability by embracing true gender balance.” archTIS is one of 10 ASX companies out of 98 identified that is profiled in the book for the company’s gender equality achievements.

Upon receipt of the award, Daniel Lai, Managing Director and CEO of archTIS, said, “We’re immensely pleased to be recognised by Ellect for our diverse team. We believe the unique perspectives that diversity brings to our business make us stronger, more competitive and a great place to work. We’re proud to be setting an example for ASX-listed companies looking to reap the rewards of fostering more diversity in the workplace.”

Read the full press release here.

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