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See How Your Peers Secure Business-critical Information with NC Protect

Apr 29, 2020 | Blog

The Rapid Shift to Support WFH and Its Impact on Information Security

Many organizations have quickly rolled out new tools in an effort to speed communications and collaboration in the rapid shift to work from home (WFH) in the midst of a global pandemic. In order to quickly onboard the tools needed to support a highly distributed workforce practically overnight, many have inadvertently put their organizations at serious risk for information security, compliance, and data privacy violations by putting security on the back burner. Now many are looking to retroactively secure collaboration and sharing in tools like Office 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

While every company has some common basic requirements around securing access to, and the collaboration of, business critical and sensitive information, there are needs and requirements that are unique for particular/certain/within industries. For example:

  • Financial security institutions must be able to set-up Information Barriers.
  • Healthcare organizations must ensure protected healthcare information (PHI) is only seen and accessed by authorized individuals.
  • Companies must be able to protect IP internally and when shared / collaborated on with third parties.
  • In some industries, sharing regulated client or patient information in chats can violate privacy regulations.

Being able to quickly and easily apply appropriate information security and access restrictions to the multitude of files, chats and emails created and shared daily is must – now more than ever with most of the workforce outside the safety of the corporate bubble and new tools in play.

The NC Protect Difference: Dynamic Protection Without the Complexity

At Nucleus Cyber our customers have long trusted NC Protect to safeguard their business- critical data in Microsoft cloud, on-premises and hybrid collaboration apps with dynamic, data-centric security that fits their unique business and regulatory requirements. It is designed to ensure secure access and sharing on multiple collaboration tools used by a highly distributed workforce which has quickly become the new norm.

With NC Protect our customers are able to:

  • Start securing content in minutes or hours, not days or weeks
  • Set tailored (or custom), real-time protection without the complexity of native Microsoft tools
  • Gain unique security features: dynamic watermarks, secure viewer, customizable chat blocking
  • Centrally secure Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer & file share content
  • Vetted integration through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

See What NC Protect Can Do for You

View our Customer Success Story Infographic to see how organizations in your industry are using NC Protect to secure their data and meet regulatory compliance whether their workforce is in the office or at home and across a broad range of content storage and sharing environments.

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