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Case Study: SAP Secures Sensitive Government and Regulated Industry Data with Kojensi

Data Classification Scheme

SAP Secures Sensitive Government and Regulated Industry Data with Kojensi

Learn how Kojensi uses attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies to ensure both internal users across SAP entities, their customers and other third parties only have access to information on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Quick Facts:

Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence Software


SAP required a secure document management environment that was accredited for the storage and collaboration of Government sensitive and classified material to support the delivery of the company’s solutions.

Solution: Kojensi

The Kojensi platform has an on-going role in SAP and its use is being expanded across additional SAP jurisdictions. Kojensi is now a recognised part of SAP’s security ‘toolkit’ to support the management of classified and sensitive information in support of customer engagements.


  • Provides an Australian Government-accredited multi-level security classified information sharing and document collaboration platform.
  • As a SaaS cloud platform Kojensi was quickly deployed and is scalable to easily add new users and global SAP entities.
  • Ensures SAP can securely collaborate internally and with global Government, public sector and regulated industry customers on sensitive data to meet domestic and international Government security requirements.
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