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Introducing NC Protect for AI-driven Data Security on More Microsoft Collaboration Platforms

by | Dec 5, 2018

Today we are pleased to announce we have expanded our Microsoft platform support and rebranded the recently acquired Security Sheriff™ platform to NC Protect™. The NC Protect v 6.0 release brings the same features you love and rely on for data security to the SharePoint Modern Experience, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams in on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments, in addition to SharePoint and Office 365.  

We are especially excited to deliver new Microsoft platform support and data protection capabilities for customers less than two months after acquiring the platform from Cyxtera. The new NC Protect data security platform offers more secure collaboration across a wide range of Microsoft products including classic and modern SharePoint, Office 365 and their social tools. NC Protect empowers enterprises to better secure the high volume of content created and shared in the intelligent workplace with content and context aware file level security. 

NC Protect v6.0 (formerly Security Sheriff) now includes key new capabilities to support collaboration in an expanded range of Microsoft products: 

  • Support for Protection of O365 Groups – O365 Groups are created by standard users to allow them to collaborate and share information and documents. This process does not involve the scrutiny of an administrator, therefore normal business rules and permissions can be inconsistently applied. NC Protect now allows administrators to apply the required business rules and protection policies to all O365 Groups. 
  • Support for File Collaboration in Microsoft Teams – Teams is one of Microsoft’s fastest adopted applications, making it incredibly easy for users to share and collaborate with both internal and external parties. Although instant messaging and other collaboration are prevalent use cases for Teams one of the key capabilities is collaborating and sharing files within these unstructured groups of users. With NC Protect administrators can now define the business rules and protection policies for files within Teams to provide the same protection mechanisms available for files in SharePoint document libraries. 
  • Support for the SharePoint Modern Experience – NC Protect now supports SharePoint Modern Experience, in addition to Classic SharePoint, to ensure that no matter which experience an enterprise is using that same data protections are available. 
  • Improved deployment and upgrade experience – SharePoint information architecture changes have promoted users to reconsider how their solutions are deployed and updated across a SharePoint environment. Administrators can now globally update NC Protect versions across all site collections thus greatly reducing post administration tasks associated with a product upgrade. 

You can now better protect all your Microsoft collaboration platforms with AI-driven data security to guard against insider breaches, sensitive data misuse and unauthorized file access. 
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