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Data Security Tops 2019’s Intelligent Workplace Priorities

by | Jan 8, 2019

This article appeared in the December 2017 Issue of Cyber Defense Magazine
Author: Steve Marsh, VP of Product, Nucleus Cyber

Data security concerns have gone mainstream. As we approach 2019, it’s not just CIOs placing a spotlight on data security: it has become a more pressing priority than ever before from the C-suite, government watchdogs, the media and consumers throughout the world. The trifecta of factors driving concerns include increased legal requirements and penalties for non-compliance, including the much talked about GDPR; the ever-increasing rise of cyberattacks targeting all corners of the globe; and data breaches that are hitting closer to home with the theft of personal and financial information of millions.

Enterprise Challenges to Data Security

In many ways, heightened awareness is a good thing. Protecting sensitive data in the workplace should be everyone’s responsibility. However, the pressure is certainly on the C-suite to ensure that an appropriate strategy is in place, which also means that budgets must align with the purpose of appropriately protecting data. Making sure funds are correctly allocated can be tricky without intimate knowledge of the modern workplace and the IT solutions necessary to support it.

Today, the myriad of cloud-based collaboration technologies, many of which have consumer versions that users are familiar with, present our tech-savvy workforce with multiple ways to share data. If you were to look at your own environment, you would likely see that of the tools in use, some are sanctioned and managed by corporate IT, while others are not.

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