archTIS was established to resolve a critical global problem – The need to share information securely

archTIS is a Canberra-based firm that specialises in the design and development of products, solutions and services for secure information sharing and collaboration. Our products and solutions have the ability to apply and enforce dynamic, policy-driven access controls at the user and information level.

Established in 2006, archTIS has over 10 years’ experience delivering secure information and identity management services and solutions within the highest security levels of the Australian Government.


archtis team

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the company that the world trusts with its most valuable information.

Our mission

We are focused on unlocking the potential of an information-driven world by enabling trust. We will achieve this by leading the world in developing and applying new security models and distributed security platforms which enable citizens, governments and corporations to share and collaborate on their most valuable and sensitive information.


archTIS’ experience working with Defence at TOP SECRET has led to a deep understanding of cyber security, information sharing and collaboration challenges. Here are some of our highlights.

2006 - 2008

archTIS was founded as a consulting company and began work to create its TOP SECRET information sharing platform using a unique tagging method known as Attribute Based Access Control.

DEFENCE CONTRACT: Design the Whole of Defence Identity Management Framework.

2009 - 2010

Released the second generation of its TOP SECRET information sharing platform.

DEFENCE CONTRACT: International Intelligence & Reconnaissance Backbone

2011 - 2015

Released the third generation of its TOP SECRET information sharing platform.

DEFENCE CONTRACT: Single Information Environment Security Architecture (SIESA), received the Defence Excellence in Security Award

2016 - 2017

Started development of the fourth generation of archTIS’ information sharing platform, now known as Kojensi.

DEFENCE CONTRACT: Carried out a TS Information Sharing Network Requirements Assessment


Conducted Beta testing of Kojensi with the Attorney General’s Department

Company listed on The Australia Securities Exchange (ASX)

CONTRACT: Worked with Papua New Guinea Government to carry out an Information Management Capability


Kojensi is launched for commercial sale

Kojensi accredited by the DTA and placed on the Cloud Marketplace for direct procurement by government and universities

KOJENSI CLIENT: Attorney General’s Department signed on as client of Kojensi

KOJENSI CLIENT: The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission signs on as client of Kojensi

KOJENSI CLIENT: DXC Technologies sign on as client of Kojensi and sign agreement to set up demonstration environment of TOP SECRET application