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Case Study: Cogentrix Secures Access to Sensitive Information in SharePoint with NC Protect

Cogentrix secures access to sensitive information in SharePoint

When it comes to securing sensitive information in SharePoint, see why this energy power management company says, “NC Protect was a perfect fit. The solution was too good to be true offering us exactly the security we needed.”


Quick Facts:

Energy Power Management

• Required confidential data to be secured by legal entity/business unit and needed to secure access at the document level.
• Needed to report on how information is accessed and secured.

Solution: NC Protect™

NC Protect offers Cogentrix’s IT team a powerful solution to solve its SharePoint site management issues. It leverages dynamic access, deny rules and an agentless secure viewer to sustain a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios that keep confidential information in SharePoint without complex permissions.


  • Dynamically determines content access based on employee role and sensitivity of the document
  • Robust, highly configurable rules engine automated complex business needs and access policies
  • Eliminated the need for employees to know the rules and policies for content access
  • Light weight and easily to deploy across SharePoint records management project
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