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Australia and US Pledge More Government Cybersecurity Spend for 2022-23

by | Mar 31, 2022

In the midst of a growing global cyberthreat landscape, the Australian and US governments this week announced plans to increase spend to bolster federal cybersecurity.

The Australian federal government’s newly released 2022-23 federal Budget has dedicated AU$9.9 billion to support cybersecurity and intelligence capabilities under a program called Resilience, Effects, Defence, Space, Intelligence, Cyber and Enablers (REDSPICE). The US White House also announced it is calling for an 11% overall increase in federal IT spending for fiscal 2023, in addition to nearly $11 billion proposed to bolster federal cybersecurity.

This is good news for both cybersecurity providers and government agencies tasked with protecting national secrets. archTIS, a finalist in the Australian Defence Industry Awards for Cyber Business of the Year, is a major information security provider in the Australian Government and Defense market, whose customers include the Department of Defence, Attorney General’s Office, Office of the Information Commissioner, and other agencies.

We have also begun to make strides in opening up the US Government and Defense markets as a part of Team Defence Australia at the upcoming AFCEA TechNet Cyber conference. archTIS is also producing a live event on May 5 for Defense and Defense Industry in Washington DC that will feature a panel of industry and defense luminaries to discuss ‘Balancing Global Collaboration with Information Security: Best Practices for Tackling Defense and Supply Chain Challenges’.

The increased US and Australian budgets, and tax incentives offered in the Australian budget to smaller businesses to encourage adoption of enterprise-grade cybersecurity, will help provide the opportunity to grow archTIS’ presence in both markets, as well as with allied partners.

archTIS is well positioned to become a global leader in providing information security solutions to protect classified information, improve multinational coalition communication and facilitate defense industry collaboration with cost effective products to quickly implement secure and compliant document collaboration and information sharing.

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