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archTIS Launches Kojensi Version 2.0 for Sensitive Information Sharing and Document Collaboration

Dec 8, 2021 | Press Releases

Enhanced capabilities support secure, military grade data protection to enable secure collaboration between defence and industry

archTIS Limited (ASX:AR9), a global provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information, today announced the release of Kojensi Enterprise v2.0 to ensure secure document collaboration and sharing of sensitive content between government, defence, defence industry base (DIB), and higher education institutions.

Daniel Lai, archTIS Managing Director and CEO, said: “The launch of Kojensi v2.0 is a significant milestone for the company. We continue to innovate our products and add new capabilities based on customer feedback and market requests. Many of the new features and functions have come from our continued engagement with the Australian Department of Defence. With its unique information security functions and growing demand for government accredited information sharing platforms, Kojensi v2.0 is expected to be met with strong interest in a rapidly expanding market.”

Kojensi v2.0 makes it even easier for defence, industry, multinational coalitions, and organizations that support them, to create dynamic and granular information barriers between coalitions, partners, co-workers, and external clients. It assists organisations with meeting strict regulatory guidelines (e.g., ITAR and DISP) and compliance obligations for secure information sharing.

Key new features of Kojensi v2.0 include:

  • An in-app Secure Document Viewer that enforces read-only viewing of sensitive information for multiple file formats.
  • Expanded search and classification controls to assist with granular management of content.
  • Improved UI for the management of notifications and process management.
  • Simplified deployment for on-premises environments.
  • Enhanced integration points for future technology inclusions.
  • Active synchronisation of attributes and content across instances to assist with bandwidth and local policy constraints.

Kojensi is a military grade multi-level security (MLS) document collaboration management platform.  Designed to reduce administration complexity and costs by removing the need for parallel networks, Kojensi provides the ability to create, store and collaborate on documents of varied classification securely within the platform. This increases productivity and accelerates the dissemination of sensitive and classified information to inform important decision-making processes. Kojensi is government accredited and demonstrates compliance with all necessary security controls to protect government and enterprise sensitive information at the highest regulatory security levels.

Lewis Holden, Managing Director of Tabella, an archTIS partner, said: “The Kojensi platform is providing a pathway for our clients to be able to securely share and collaborate on documents within a Zero Trust security environment that is built for the needs of government, defence and defence industry organisations. The fact that it is fully accreditable is important to our government and defence customers to meet regulatory guidelines from around the world.”

Kojensi Enterprise v2.0 for on-premises deployments is now available to customers. Learn more about the Kojensi platform here: https://www.archtis.com/secure-document-collaboration-software-protecting-classified-information/

About archTIS Limited

archTIS Limited (ASX:AR9) is a global provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information. The company’s award-winning data-centric information security solutions protect the world’s most sensitive content in government, defence, supply chain, enterprises and regulated industries through attribute-based access and control (ABAC) policies. archTIS products include Kojensi, a multi-government certified platform for the secure access, sharing and collaboration of sensitive and classified information; and NC Protect and the cp. suite of products for enhanced information protection for file access and sharing, messaging and emailing of sensitive and classified content across Microsoft 365 apps, Dropbox, Nutanix Files and Windows file shares. For more information visit archtis.com or follow @arch_tis.

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