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archTIS Joins NetApp Technology Alliance Program as a Preferred Partner

Aug 2, 2023 | Press Releases

Technology Integration Enables Data-centric Policy-enforced Access Control and Data Protection for NetApp ONTAP

Canberra, Australia and Seattle, WA —  archTIS Limited (ASX:AR9, OTCQB:ARHLF), a global provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information, today announced its membership in the NetApp Technology Alliance Program as a Preferred Partner and field validation of NC Protect’s integration with NetApp ONTAP.

As increased cyber threats and regulations governing the handling of sensitive personal data, government and defence data are enacted, the ability to automate the discovery, classification and protection of sensitive information is critical. The NC Protect suite from archTIS is a value-added solution designed to solve these customer challenges for content stored in and collaborated on using NetApp ONTAP Windows file shares with fine-grain, data-centric access and security controls. The product went through extensive field interoperability testing at NetApp and is now a field validated third-party solution for data protection and security.

NC Protect paired with ONTAP addresses the protection of information, dynamically at the data layer at the time of access. The combined solution provides a multi-faceted 360-degree layered approach to protecting a customer’s most important asset, data, that is accessed on Windows File Shares in ONTAP. NC Protect’s integration into NetApp ONTAP provides sensitive data discovery and classification, dynamic policy-driven access control and data security capabilities for file shares. Access and security controls are dynamically adjusted based on real-time comparison of user context and file content to ensure users access, use and share business-critical data according to set policies. Unique capabilities include secure read-only access, dynamic security watermarks, visual marking of defense data, and file obfuscation to prevent unauthorized data access, mishandling and loss.

Kurt Mueffelmann, Global COO and US President, archTIS stated, “Security remains a top priority across defense and enterprises alike. Customers are looking for solutions that help fill gaps and enhance their existing technology investments and systems. NC Protect’s validated integration allows NetApp’s 10,000 customers to augment sensitive data discovery, labeling, access and protection capabilities with data-centric ABAC policies using a proven solution trusted by leading defense agencies and enterprises alike.”

About archTIS Limited

archTIS Limited (ASX:AR9, OTCQB:ARHLF) is a global provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information. The company’s award-winning data-centric information security solutions protect the world’s most sensitive content in government, defence, supply chain, enterprises and regulated industries through attribute-based access and control (ABAC) policies. archTIS products include Kojensi, a multi-government certified platform for the secure access, sharing and collaboration of sensitive and classified information; and NC Protect for enhanced information protection for file access and sharing, messaging and emailing of sensitive and classified content across Microsoft 365 apps, SharePoint on-premises, NetApp ONTAP, Nutanix Files and Windows file shares. For more information visit archtis.com or follow @arch_tis.


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