Kojensi Gov

Kojensi Gov is a Secure Content and Collaboration Cloud Service, which offers a combination of enterprise content management capabilities, collaboration tools and workflows. Hosted within an ASD accredited PROTECTED cloud environment, Kojensi Gov offers in-built government-compliant data classification (PSPF) and meets information management standards and security (ISM) requirements. Using Kojensi Gov allows you to maintain data sovereignty by…

Kojensi Field

Information available in remote areas and times of crisis can help personnel to better respond to issues and emergencies. Kojensi Field, a standalone appliance-based product for mobile deployment or isolated teams, allows personnel to access the most accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

Kojensi Cloud

Organisations have high value and sensitive information which, placed in the wrong hands, can result in loss of IP and competitive advantage, and privacy and security breaches. Kojensi Cloud offers customers a low risk means for providing inter-organisational collaboration spaces, increasing productivity, speeding decision making and automating key business processes.

Kojensi App

Being able to access work and information on the go is important. Kojensi App gives you secure access to the Kojensi Cloud Platform on your mobile devices so that you can continue working from wherever you are and dynamically respond to changing circumstances.


DataKloak is a centralised management solution that orchestrates access to enterprise content systems and devices. It enables organisations to dynamically manage and enforce conditions of access consistently across their information environment.