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Case Study: NC Protect Trims Information Sharing Risk in SharePoint for German Insurer BGW

NC Protect trims information sharing risk for German insurer BGW

Discover how NC Protect enabled BGW to secure the documents in accordance with their security requirements to mitigate risk and protect documents by limiting users to secure read-only access and eliminating their ability to use certain SharePoint functionality.


Quick Facts:

Challenges: Implement a SharePoint 2019 on-premises web portal with secure, read only employee, management and industry volunteer access.

Solution: NC Protect™ for SharePoint On-Premises

BGW looked at several solutions, but it was difficult to find one that could provide the granular level of control and usage restrictions that they needed. While some companies offered normal readers, they didn’t have security features to restrict usage – until the team encountered NC Protect. The BGW Application Services team soon discovered that NC Protect fit their requirements as it offered a secure reader that provided read-only access and could stop a user from downloading, copying or saving a file.


  • Able to upgrade to a new portal based on SharePoint and provide the data security needed to do so.
  • Enable secure, read-only access to content on BGW’s SharePoint on-premises portal.
  • Trimmed the user interface and increased usability by hiding functionality that is not needed.
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