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Case Study: NC Protect Seamlessly Manages CUI in SharePoint at this Defense Supply Chain Manufacturer

NC Protect seamlessly manages CUI in SharePoint at this defense supply chain manufacturer

Learn how this Defense manufacturer uses NC Protect to manage the identification of and restrict access to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in their SharePoint on-premises environment for ITAR compliance.


Quick Facts:

Challenges: How to automate the management of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) to comply with numerous regulations for its safeguarding and dissemination controls.

Solution: NC Protect™ for SharePoint On-Premises

NC Protect fit their requirements and budget with its ability to scan files in SharePoint (Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, Images, etc.) for CUI and automatically classify them according to their CUI level.


  • Ensures compliance with CUI information handling requirements.
  • Scans and identifies files with CUI and classifies them according to the CUI Level.
  • Restricts who in the organization can access documents containing CUI by classification and geolocation.
  • Controls the type of access allowed: full or read-only.
  • Applies a secure digital watermark with the current date, current user and
    CUI Level.
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