Trusted Content and Collaboration Solutions

Protect your sensitive information assets while delivering better search, sharing and access functionality to your users.

archTIS Trusted Content and Collaboration Solutions (T360) are designed to ensure your sensitive information is not released to any person, system, network, device or location unless the terms and conditions meet your organisation's access policy requirements.

Our T360 solutions automatically apply granular policy-driven access decisions to all aspects of the information environment.

What is T360?

T360 provides a safe environment for internal and external parties to collaborate on developing content and share sensitive information quickly and easily with a military grade of security. T360 is comprised of three components: an enterprise content and records management system, an attribute-based access control system, and our access policy and attribute configuration console.

For medium to large enterprise environments, a T360 solution can enhance existing enterprise capabilities, offering scalability and flexibility to suit the needs of all users:

SECURE SHARED SERVICES: Host multiple, separated information compartments within a single network to meet the secure sharing requirements of specialised communities of interest such as projects and programs, joint-ventures, coalitions, investigations, departments, or merger and acquisition teams.

DYNAMIC RISK MANAGEMENT: Respond to emerging risks and opportunities by dynamically allowing or preventing access to information.

INDIVIDUALISED INFORMATION CHANNELS: Find, use and share your authorised information via your unique information profile.

IMPROVED OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Reduce duplicated assets, automate document-centric and access management tasks, and lower your total costs of ownership.


archTIS focuses on leveraging existing ICT investments and infrastructure, and maximising the use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products.


T360 Implementation Services

archTIS offers a full suite of professional design and implementation services. A trusted content and collaboration solution can be hosted as a managed service or implemented on your premises.

We also believe that you and your team should be equipped to implement, sustain and continually improve your secure information sharing capability. Therefore, our solutions can be packaged to include one or more of the following services:

archTIS Solution design

Solution Design

archTIS implementation


archTIS training

Training & Mentoring

archTIS support