Trusted Information Sharing (TIS) - A Business Problem

Is a lack of trust constraining your business?

Organisations must share information, however, the risks involved in sharing are often seen to outweigh the benefits: sensitive information could be exposed, financial data stolen, a competitive advantage or even a reputation lost. As a result, organisations are often reluctant to share as openly as they would like, and they hope that their ICT systems can be trusted to keep their information assets safe. While information exists in many forms, organisations tend to expect ICT to enable information sharing while protecting it at the same time.

These expectations are based on the assumption that secure information sharing is an ICT problem. It’s not. It is a business problem.

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Trusted Information Sharing (TIS) - For CIOs

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) throughout the world are continually faced with the same challenge: How can information services be better and more deliberately aligned to deliver value and support organisational outcomes?

A Trusted Information Sharing capability is one that controls and enables the flow of information between parties so that the business value of information assets is maximised, and unauthorised disclosure, modification or access is prevented.

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ABAC - Attribute Based Access Control

Business demands information management that meets their needs. From an IT perspective, it means that stakeholders are demanding access to information services that reach far beyond the boundaries of the organisation. At the same time, they are also expecting the IT department to protect their high-value information assets and intellectual property.

How can you ensure that enabling remote and mobile access to
your protected information services will not compromise your high-value information assets?

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MuSE - Multi-Level Security Environment

MuSE is archTIS’ standards-based architectural framework for implementing TIS. MuSE provides a means for building the information services that Defence requires today, while also ensuring their integration, interoperability and assurance within existing and future information environments.

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T360 - Trusted Information Sharing Appliance

T360 enables authorised personnel from different organisations and nationalities to access information in compliance with defined needs and information security protocols. The appliance uses Attribute Based
Access Control (ABAC) to manage legitimate access to COI information assets by enforcing security controls across information, people, processes and content. It enables COI members to share mission critical information assets while preventing unauthorised access, disclosure or modification.

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TIS - Trusted Information Sharing

Trusted Information Sharing (TIS) is the framework Defence needs to manage the integration, interoperability and assurance risks. This enterprise framework brings together mission requirements, information management and security to ensure that the highest value information is delivered to support superior decision making and facilitate allied collaboration.

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