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archTIS was established to resolve a critical global problem - The need to share information securely

Trading under its original name, BSTTech Consulting, the company principals drew upon their significant experience in the ICT industry and developed a unique approach to strategising, architecting and implementing secure information management capabilities. Their experiences validated their belief that isolated information security and sharing problems would be better resolved through a more holistic approach to information architecture and design.

Three key principles emerged from this experience

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Security and Sharing are not competing objectives, rather they are complementary objectives – if you do one properly you also achieve the other.

archTIS strategy

Security and Sharing should be integral to an organisation’s entire ICT strategy and architecture – not just component add-ons or after thoughts.

archTIS cost effective

Security and Sharing can be achieved cost effectively through commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software rather than by purchasing dedicated proprietary software.