trusted to safeguard the world’s most sensitive information

Sensitive and Classified Information, Shared Securely

archTIS solutions apply and enforce dynamic, policy-driven access controls that leverage both user and data attributes to ensure your users and partners access, share and collaborate on sensitive, classified and top secret information—securely.

Australian Defence Industry Awards 2023 and 2023 Cyber Business of the Year


NC Protect for

Dynamic Data Protection for
Microsoft Applications


Add granular policy-based control over how information is accessed, shared & used in your
Microsoft 365 & on-premises file sharing apps.


Discover, secure and audit sensitive information in Microsoft 365, GCC, GCC High, SharePoint, Windows file shares, NetApp ONTAP and Nutanix Files.


Centrally manage access and data protection policies across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.


Dynamically control how information is shared, accessed and used based on attributes in real time. 


Secure data with a secure read-only file viewer, dynamic security watermarks, dynamic encryption, file obfuscation, ribbon trimming rules and more.


Track and audit access to and interactions with sensitive data. 


Secure Classified Information Collaboration

Implement compartmentalized military-grade classified information collaboration & file sharing with the Kojensi platform.


Accredited SaaS or on-premises platform provides secure, compartmentalized collaboration out of the box, saving time and money.


Securely share sensitive and classified data with people inside and outside your organization. 


Allow personnel across different locations, organizations, and security clearances to securely collaborate in real-time.


Provide audit details on the secure sharing of sensitive/classified documents between organizations.


Replace encrypted emails and USB drives, or safe hands for improved security and productivity.

Designed to secure access to and sharing of the world’s most sensitive and classified information

Enterprise Ip
IP & Sensitive Data

Defence Industry


University Research

Why archTIS?


Secure Document Collaboration

Allow internal and designated external users to share and collaborate on information up to TOP SECRET with our accredited platforms.


Zero Trust

Get granular, real-time control over how information is accessed, used and shared based on both file and user attributes.


Policy-Enforced ABAC

We use the industry leading Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) methodology for differentiated access to information at all security levels.