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Whitepaper: Enabling Trusted Information Sharing

Should we rely on trust to access and share sensitive information?

When it comes to data security, trust alone is not viable option to combat modern threats including hackers, malware, nation-state threats—even our ‘trusted insiders’. In order to protect sensitive and classified data, we need to ensure that it is accessed and shared securely and appropriately, while also protecting against misuse and theft.

To do this effectively, we must re-think the traditional models of information protection and trust, and instead look to modern security paradigms such as attribute-based access control (ABAC).

Enabling Trusted Information Sharing: Security in the Kojensi Content & Collaboration Platform

This technical whitepaper explores this problem, posing a next generation security model as the way forward.

Whitepaper: Sharing information digitally and with trustLearn:

  • The advantages of security model based on attribute-based access control (ABAC).
  • Why Kojensi is secure by design to ensure trusted information sharing and access.
  • How the Kojensi platform embraces the ABAC model to allow users to easily set access conditions (policies) on the content they have contributed to shared “workspaces’.


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