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Secure Collaboration: Bringing Business, Information Management and Security Together

Is a lack of trust constraining your business?

Organisations must share information, however, the risks involved in sharing are often seen to outweigh the benefits: sensitive information could be exposed, financial data stolen, a competitive advantage or even a reputation lost. As a result, organisations are often reluctant to share as openly as they would like, and they hope that their ICT systems can be trusted to keep their information assets safe. While information exists in many forms, organisations tend to expect ICT to enable information sharing while protecting it at the same time.

The Business Information Security Nexus

These expectations are based on the assumption that secure information sharing is an ICT problem. It’s not. It is a business problem. Organisations simply make better decisions and respond more quickly to new threats and opportunities when information is reliable and available. While digital information once flowed primarily within the perimeter of an organisation and information was only shared hand-to-hand between people who knew each other, today’s information is being shared at great speed, with people we do not know, and often with less thought as to the risks presented by these exchanges.

thumbnail of archTIS-TISNexus-WhitePaperDownload this white paper to learn:

  • Key business questions the organisation needs to answer
  • The business and economic costs of NOT sharing information
  • How to implement Trusted Information Sharing (TIS)



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