Trusted Information Sharing


Defence White Paper 2016 – archTIS’ public submission

Information superiority underpins the breadth of strategic, operational and tactical objectives discussed in the 2015 Defence White Paper Issues Paper. Secure information sharing, integration and interoperability are critical for delivering a decision-making advantage to our fighting force and to enable…


What is Trusted Information Sharing?

Information is the lifeblood of all organisations: we rely on it to make decisions, take action and perform our day-to-day tasks. Those who possess and have access to the highest quality information, are therefore at an advantage. For that advantage…


Maximising the value of classified information

The true power of information is realised through its ability to inform or influence the decision-making process and support the execution of business objectives. However, these goals cannot be achieved when information is kept in information silos. Information must be…


Trusted Information Sharing: It’s A Business Problem

Is a lack of trust constraining your business? Organisations must share information, however, the risks involved in sharing are often seen to outweigh the benefits: sensitive information could be exposed, financial data stolen, a competitive advantage or even a reputation…