Use Case:

Collaboration on sensitive and classified research

A group of universities are working with a Defence Systems Integrator (SI) on a new research project, involving development of new classified research papers and reporting. The universities need an accessible secure environment to be able to collaborate easily and effectively, in order to ensure on-time delivery and high level research outcomes.

Kojensi allows Universities to:

  • Ensure only those who are authorised can view and handle sensitive and classified information

  • Collaborate real-time on the same document, without having to send multiple versions through email

  • Work with multiple people outside of the organisation, all with different compliance requirements

  • Ensure compliance with mandated security controls

  • Share large files easily and quickly, in a secure environment


The information they need to share and work on is classified up to and including ‘PROTECTED’, however the current platforms they are using are not designed to manage and share information classified at this level. Existing file sharing systems enable them to send unclassified, but not sensitive information, and does not limit granularly who can see and access the information. Further, downloading and uploading information, loss of versions, and numerous calls and emails slow their collaboration, leading to significant delays.


By implementing Kojensi, a secure government accredited PROTECTED information sharing cloud service, the Defence SI can set up shared workspaces with the Universities and invite all authorised researchers in to share and collaborate on the information required to collaborate on research and deliver papers in a timely manner.  Those shared workspaces can contain both sensitive and non-sensitive information, and the researchers will only have access to the information they are entitled to access based on their organisation, clearance and nationality.

Securely share and co-author large files between Universities and their Industry Research partners

Research Information stays within a secure government-accredited PROTECTED cloud service. Users can edit and co-author, with multiple contributors, on the research directly within each workspace ensuring the security, integrity and availability of the content. Users can upload and share multiple files at once or large files, and notify relevant parties that the information is now ready and available to access.

Empower your users to share sensitive or classified information simply and easily

Unlike other information sharing platforms, the Kojensi Information Sharing cloud service gives the power of sharing to the owner of the information.

Information owners are empowered to set the terms and conditions on how and to who information is shared, by attributes including organisation, classification and nationality, ensuring only the right people have to access the right information at the right time.

Users can then create Community of Interest’s in seconds and invite new partners to join within minutes, knowing new users will only have access to files that they are entitled to.

Comment on, discuss and track changes

Files can be commented on, discussions can be had within the workspace, and with Kojensi’s integrated Content and Records Management platform, all changes are fully version controlled and tracked.


A way to collaborate on information which ensures only authorised parties’ access and manage classified material. Universities can work together on research in real-time, despite their geographic location. A full audit trail and version control and tracking ensures all parties work on the most up-to-date document, with all previous versions saved and easily accessible at any time. Universities control how and to who information is shared, while being able to work productively for improved research outcomes.

Kojensi provides universities with a way to collaborate with research partners on sensitive information

Available in a public or private cloud or on-premise

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