Consulting and Solution Services

Information is the lifeblood of all organisations: we rely on it to make decisions, take action and perform our day-to-day tasks. Those who possess and have access to the highest quality information, are therefore at an advantage.

For that advantage to be realised, information must be relevant, accurate, available and mobile so that those who need it can reach it, when and where they need it.

Trusted Information Sharing comprises a set of capabilities that enable and control the flow of information between parties so that the business value of information assets is maximised, and unauthorised disclosure, modification or access is prevented.


Our strategic consultants can help you identify the secure information services and supporting capabilities that are most appropriate for your enterprise or community of interest.

These services include:

  • ICT Security Landscape Reviews
  • Information Security Architecture Reviews and Designs
  • Development of Business Cases and Policy Frameworks for Classified Information Sharing, Identity and Access Management, and Cross-Organisational Collaboration
  • Identify and codify critical information assets of an organisation


We provide frameworks and guidance that will help you balance your need to share high-value information with the obligation to protect it.

These services include:

  • Security Architecture Designs for Enterprises and Communities of Interest
  • Metadata Schema Designs for Tagging, Managing and Controlling Content within Enterprise Information Environments
  • Mapping Business Requirements, Taxonomies and User-To-Content Access Attributes

Build & Tailor

archTIS architects and implements solution services that enable you to establish, mature and expand the information services appropriate to the organisation’s unique security and information sharing context.

These services include:

  • Private cloud implementations of our Kojensi product capability to meet the specific requirements of high-security contexts.
  • Design and development of bespoke solutions for secure information sharing, identity and access management.
  • Design and implementation of cross domain solutions for multi-level security information services.


Partnering with best-of-breed cross domain solution providers, archTIS can design, select and implement the right cross domain solution to meet your specific security requirements.

We ensure you get the solution you need, without having to worry about managing interoperability and integration risks.