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archTIS completes $2.24 million capital raising to drive Kojensi Platform...

archTIS Ltd (ASX:AR9) has raised $590,750 from a share purchase plan (SPP), which follows a $1.65 million placement completed in May with funds to continue driving pipeline growth and execution…


Commonwealth Ombudsman sign on as Kojensi client

The Commonwealth Ombudsman today signed an agreement to use archTIS’ platform, Kojensi, for secure collaboration between government agencies. In the current environment of worker self-isolation…


Kojensi Gov to support nation-wide intelligence system

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) have signed an agreement to use Kojensi Gov for the NCIS program team, the group of law enforcement personnel…


archTIS signs first commercial contract for Kojensi Gov

archTIS today announced the signing of a commercial contract with the Attorney General’s Department, for use of its Kojensi Gov platform. The announcement comes after…

Kojensi Enterprise, a Multi-Level Security platform for Defence, Government and Industry to share and manage highly classified information.


archTIS ticks off commercial launch of first Kojensi product

archTIS is pleased to announce it has launched Kojensi Gov for commercial sale, the first from a suite of products designed to empower people to create…


Kojensi Field

Kojensi Field is a field deployable Multi-Level Security platform to share and manage highly classified information.

The Kojensi Cloud Service is a government accredited cloud service for Government, Defence and their industry partners to share and manage PROTECTED information.


Exciting new release for Kojensi Gov

Co-authoring helps bring the brightest minds together to improve the final outcome of any document, spreadsheet or presentation. A highly sought after feature, co-authoring is…