Whitepaper: Sharing information digitally, and with trust

"Trust” in a human context is the willingness or need to rely on the actions of another party. In the context of sharing information we often consider these questions: How much do I trust this person? Will they share it with others that I don’t know about? Will they mis-use the information? Will they take a copy of it for their own nefarious purposes? Do I KNOW that they’ll respect my need for privacy?

This and many more are part of the challenge of sharing information between people, between companies, between government departments, and between countries.

We need to KNOW that our sensitive information will be accessed in the way we expect. To do this, there is a need to re-think how we enable systems to build that trust that enables us to share.

This whitepaper explores this problem, posing a next generation security model as the way forward. The model should allow users to easily set access conditions (policies) on the content they have contributed to shared “workspaces”, and dynamically control whether other users can edit their information or discover it through search. Workspaces can be as open or as restrictive as necessary, giving users full control over their sensitive information.


archTIS has been working on secure information sharing systems and solutions since 2006. Most recently the company launched a secure content and collaboration platform that enables organisations to secure their data, whilst enabling collaboration, promoting creativity and supercharging productivity. Using Kojensi, organisations no longer need to add layers of security as an afterthought, which slows productivity and complicates processes. Organisations, and their partners, can create, edit and save documents in a space that is both contemporary and secure-by-design.

Whitepaper: Enabling Trusted Information Sharing

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