What is Trusted Information Sharing?

Information is the lifeblood of all organisations: we rely on it to make decisions, take action and perform our day-to-day tasks. Those who possess and have access to the highest quality information, are therefore at an advantage. For that advantage to be realised, information must be relevant, accurate, available and mobile so that those who need it can reach it, when and where they need it. However, sharing information between people, systems and devices has long been fraught with difficulties - most of which relate to the requirement for business to enable sharing, while managing and protecting it at the same time.


Trusted Information Sharing (TIS) balances the tension between sharing, managing and protecting information. By managing information services in an assured manner, the right information can be made available to the end user according to their specific needs and context. It also enables organisations to effect dynamic decisions regarding how their most critical and highest-value information assets are accessed and used by their people and their partners.

TIS comprises a set of capabilities that enable and control the flow of information between parties so that the business value of information assets is maximised, and unauthorised disclosure, modification or access is prevented.

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