Dynamic Digital Security Watermarks

Use Digital Security Watermarks to Prevent Data Loss and Aid in Forensics

Add digital Security Watermarks to Prevent Data Loss and Aid in Forensics

Even with a variety of encryption and user rights management tools within your collaboration tools how can we you ensure that users are sharing information responsibly or that even the most determined user is dissuaded of bypassing sharing policies?

DLP and security tools aid in protecting documents, but there are ways to circumvent those systems. For instance, taking a snapshot of a document on your screen or thinking that there is no way that a leaked email or document could be traced back to them.

Digital Security Watermarks that adapt to user and use case offer a perfect solution to augment your information security practices, providing a visual deterrent to prevent data loss and aid in forensics.

Benefits of Using Digital Security Watermarks

Watermarking sensitive documents can help in a variety of ways:

  • It supplements user education and training relating to the safe handling of sensitive or proprietary information, providing users with a visual reminder of their responsibilities relating to the protection of the data.
  • By having a digital watermark in the body of the document or email, the user is deterred from taking a picture with their mobile device and sharing in an unauthorized manner or using it for malicious purposes.

Dynamic Digital security Watermarks from NC Protect

NC Protect offers digital security watermarks that go beyond just stamping a document as confidential. Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 apps including SharePoint® Online and on-premises, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook and Office, as well as other file shares. 

NC Protect’s Dynamic Digital Security Watermarks:

  • Add a custom security watermark containing any user or file attributes to any Word, PowerPoint, Excel,  PDF file. or Outlook email for security and auditing purposes.
  • Dynamically incorporate attributes such as the user’s name or email and the time and date that the file was accessed, creating a digital thumbprint that travels with the document.
  • Can’t be removed – Users are able to share and edit watermarked document contents, but not the watermark itself, for security and auditing purposes.
  • Protect against photographing – If a user chooses to photograph or print a document with a personalized NC Protect watermark and use it for malicious purposes, it creates a digital thumbprint allowing investigators to identify the bad actor by name.
  • Additionally, users can be forced to view sensitive documents in NC Protect’s secure web viewer for read-only access. Combined with dynamic watermarks it deters users from taking photos of content and aids in tracking and forensics purposes in the event of a breach.

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Dynamic security watermarks add an addition layer of security to safeguard your company’s confidential and regulated data and avoid compliance issues. Discover how easy it is to add secure personalized digital watermarks and other advanced information protection capabilities to your security arsenal.

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