NC Protect for Dropbox & Dropbox Business

Dynamic Data Security for Discovery, Protection & Auditing of Dropbox Files

Mitigate Dropbox Data Breach Risks

The Cloud has introduced new collaboration capabilities in the workplace, but they have also increased the risk of your sensitive business data ending up in the wrong hands. It’s time to modernize your Dropbox data security with NC Protect’s data-centric protection for sensitive collaboration data.

Dynamic Data Security for Secure Dropbox File Collaboration

NC Protect offers centralized, cost-effective policy compliance management and data loss prevention (DLP) for files in Dropbox and Dropbox Business. It ensures security by continuously monitoring and auditing files against regulatory and corporate policies to protect against data breaches, unauthorized access and sharing, and misuse.

Policies for encryption and usage rights can be automatically enforced based on the content and context of the collaboration scenario. It provides an unmatched level of data-centric protections without impacting productivity to facilitate secure collaboration and reduce the risk of Shadow IT.


Key Benefits

  • Automatically apply security and compliance policies to files in Dropbox as they are created and shared
  • Identify and protect sensitive information being shared via Dropbox
  • Adjust protection based on content and user context
  • Only encrypt data when the scenario requires as per policy
  • Hide sensitive content from unauthorized users
  • Granular approach to security and protection mitigates risk down to the item level and security policies and DLP
Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2022 Gold


DISCOVER & Classify

NC Protect scans and inspects files and any images inside them in Dropbox for sensitive or regulated data according to defined policies. Pattern matching is used to find recognizable data such as credit card numbers, medical record numbers, personally identifiable information, proprietary data, or custom taxonomy or keywords. Once sensitive information is detected the file can be automatically classified by adding secure metadata based on the sensitivity of the content and
pre-defined security and business policies.


Dynamically restrict access to and encrypt content based on the sensitivity of the content and business policies.

  • Access permissions are automatically applied based on the content sensitivity, not the folder that it is stored in.
  • Access to a file can be restricted to a specific individual or group, even if a wider audience has access to the rest of the folder where the item physically resides.
  • The file(s) can be hidden from the folder view of the unauthorized individual.


NC Protect can further secure content by encrypting it to ensure only properly authorized and credentialed users will be able to access the content, even if they have administrative privileges. It ensures that the content can only be accessed by the appropriate people, even when it leaves Dropbox.

Audit sensitive data access


NC Protect’s dynamic Results Viewer provides centralized reporting and management of classified data. Report on the number of issues identified by classification level and allows policy officers to review the results and rescan, reclassify or reapply permissions if needed.

Integrate user activity and protection logs with SIEM tools like Splunk or Microsoft Sentinel for further analysis and downstream actions.

Prevent Data Loss


You can also define rules in NC Protect to prevent oversharing of sensitive information or confidential documents to minimize the risk of data loss. Users can also be prevented from printing, copying sharing or exporting content of Microsoft office documents and PDFs outside of Dropbox.

Simple to Deploy and Use

NC Protect offers several deployment options and works natively with Dropbox to augment its security and protection features. It requires no additional client-side application simplifying deployment and reducing the time that your content is at risk. It ships with over 200 pre-configured scanning and classification policies and supports custom rules to get you started quickly.


NC Protect’s granular data-centric approach to security enables conditional access control down to the item-level using secure metadata and user attributes. Since access and usage rights can be applied to specific content or individual files (using classification), as compared with solutions that secure or encrypt at the app or location level, sensitive content can be safely stored, shared and collaborated on from any Dropbox share regardless of native user sharing rights.

In addition to better protecting your organization from an accidental breach, this approach also controls the proliferation of Dropbox locations to support individual collaboration scenarios.



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