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Don’t Miss Out on Microsoft Teams Collaboration Features Because of Security Concerns

by | Apr 21, 2021

Microsoft Teams is Fueling Collaboration for the Remote Workforce

Microsoft Teams (Teams) has seen a surge in growth during the pandemic with over 115M daily active users and growing. With it, the risk of security and insider threats has also increased exponentially.

The speed and simplicity in which business users can create new teams and channels presents new challenges for IT and security groups tasked with ensuring business-critical information is properly protected; with many choosing to simply turn off information sharing and guest access.

Don’t miss out on important Teams collaboration features, learn how to dynamically secure employee and guest access to teams, channels, files and chats to get the most out of your investment.

Human Error is Collaboration’s Achilles Heel

User managed tools like Microsoft Teams make it difficult to keep track of data and ensure that an organization’s information security, sharing and usage policies are being followed as new teams and channels can quickly be spun up by users, not IT.

The applications that organizations are most concerned with securing include file sharing (68%), the web (47%), video conferencing (45%), and messaging (35%), which is not surprising given these collaboration tools like Teams form the backbone of remote work. The concerns are valid when  when you consider 63% of insider-related incidents are the result of negligence and simple human error, with another 23% related to criminal insiders.

From sharing confidential files or sensitive information with the wrong recipient, to including regulated or confidential data in a chat, these costly mistakes are hard to avoid if you rely upon user behavior and training to safeguard collaboration in Teams.

NC Protect Has Teams Access and Security Covered for You and Your Guests

Nucleus Cyber’s NC Protect empowers IT and business owners to easily create secure Teams and channels and enable guest access that enforce zero trust policies at the file, chat and message level to prevent accidental sharing, misuse and data loss.

NC Protect offers a simple, fast and scalable solution to ensure secure collaboration in Teams. Dynamically adjusts access to and protection of channels, files and chats in Teams based on user and file attributes to control what users can see, how they can share information and with whom.

From hiding files from unauthorized users to secure read-only guest access, NC provides granular, scalable security with less time and effort.

In 3 minutes see how NC Protect makes this possible.

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