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Case Study: NC Protect is the RX for Secure Teams Collaboration at this Biopharmaceutical

NC Protect is the RX for secure collaboration at this Biopharmaceutical

After implementing Teams to fuel collaboration internally and with outside partners, this biopharmaceutical company needed a solution to protect highly valuable IP, FDA regulated clinical trials, and other sensitive company information.


Quick Facts:

Challenges: Protect highly valuable intellectual property (IP), FDA regulated clinical trials of medicines in development, as well as other sensitive company information collaborated on using Teams and SharePoint Online.

Solution: NC Protect™


  • Delivers cross platform information protection for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online
  • Prevents third party guest users from accessing unauthorized content
  • Controls how sensitive content is shared and who it can be shared with both internally and externally
  • Blocks the unauthorized sharing of content and alert administrators to the attempt
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