archTIS respects your privacy and understands your concerns about the security of your personal information. archTIS is committed to protecting any personal information about you that is held by archTIS as described below. archTIS collects and manages your personal information in Australia in the manner described in this advice.

National Privacy Principals

Most private sector organisation's in Australia are required by law to comply with Australian National Privacy Principles ("NPP's") and are subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). archTIS is bound by these NPP's.

Personal Information

Any personal information which archTIS collects about you will be used and disclosed by archTIS to employees and contractors of archTIS (if required) as described further below to enable archTIS to: (i) provide you with the services that you have requested, or (ii) otherwise carry out archTIS's functions as a provider of professional services.

archTIS may also use your personal information to provide you with information about other events, promotions or competitions organised by archTIS . If you would prefer not to receive this information, please let archTIS know and archTIS will respect your request. Specific examples of some of the ways in which archTIS may collect your personal information are:

archTIS Events, Promotions & Competitions: You may have given archTIS your contact details or other personal information in connection with a archTIS event, promotion or competition. archTIS holds this information so that archTIS can contact you about archTIS's latest offers, together with other sales information.

Website: archTIS also collect some information from you when you use our website at Your use of the facilities and services available through the website will determine the amount and type of information that archTIS collects about you.

Contracting out services and disclosures: archTIS also engages third parties to provide certain services, which may include collecting, or processing your personal information on our behalf. Examples of such third parties include call center operators, mailing houses and advertising agencies.

Privacy Contacts

In most cases, you can gain access to personal information that archTIS holds about you. archTIS will handle requests for access to your personal information in accordance with the NPP's. archTIS encourages all requests for access to your personal information to be directed to the Privacy Officer by email or by mail to the addresses below.


Privacy Officer
Suite 6, 6 Lonsdale Street, Braddon
ACT, 2612

archTIS will deal with all requests for access to personal information as soon as archTIS is reasonably able. Requests for a large amount of information, or information which is not currently in use, may take some time before a response can be given. In some cases, consistently with the NPP's, archTIS may refuse to give you access to personal information that archTIS holds about you. If archTIS refuses to give you access, archTIS will provide you with reasons for the refusal.

Generally, if you request archTIS to do so, archTIS will amend any personal information about you held by archTIS which is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. If archTIS disagrees with your view about the accuracy, completeness or currency of a record of your personal information held by archTIS , and you ask archTIS to associate with that record a statement that you have a contrary view, archTIS will take reasonable steps to do so.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

From time to time it may be necessary for archTIS to review and revise archTIS's privacy policy. archTIS reserves the right to change our privacy policy at any time. archTIS may notify you about changes to this privacy policy by posting an updated version on archTIS's website.