archTIS Architecture

archTIS prepares organisations to meet current and future business, social and economic demands.

By guiding the development and implementation of agile information services and infrastructures, archTIS determines how organisations can focus their limited ICT resources and investments on the most critical information services. 


Our approach leverages existing capabilities to align and integrate technology in support of dynamic, high-value business outcomes.

By capturing the agreed business goals, information strategy, compliance policies, and functional ICT expectations, archTIS develops an architecture that describes the current and future states of business information services. We then work with our clients to manage the risks associated with the transformation of their organisation and the seamless integration of new enterprise services.

An archTIS architecture will:

  • Identify which information services, and their supporting capabilities, drive decision-making superiority throughout the enterprise;
  • Maximise efficiencies and reduce cost through the identification and targeting of high-value investments;
  • Determine the appropriate balance between sharing and protecting information; 
  • Describe enterprise information services in terms of their business value (e.g. assurance, compliance, quality, timeliness, etc); 
  • Manage risks in relation to interoperability and integration; and
  • Establish, mature and expand the information services appropriate to the organisation's unique context and ability to leverage the information capabilities.